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Chief Officers

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Hanseo Kim 🇰🇷

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Researcher at Kyungpook National University

  • Recipient of the Korea Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award

  • KSEF'23 Silver, Top 2 in Engineering, & nationally ranked researcher in Korea

  • 2024 EUCYS Finalist

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Yash Singh 🇺🇸

Chief Operating Officer

  1. Independently researching on Neuroscience + Machine Learning topics

  2. CFO of Youth Mentorship Project

  3. Project Empower Director of Youth Research Initiative

  4. Developed multiple school programs with private data of 2000+ students at TERRA Environmental Research Institute

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Ayush Garg 🇺🇸

Chief Business Development Officer

  • ISEF'24 1st Place in the Category of Bioengineering

  • Researcher at UC Santa Barbara

  • Research Partner in UT El Paso's Aerospace Department

  • Chief Programmer of VEX Robotics Team ('22 Worlds Qual)

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Railene 🇵🇭

Chief Research Officer

  • EdUSA CPP Cohort '23

  • ProsthetiX Researcher

  • STEM Pathway Competition 1st Place

  • JARES Ambassador

  • Developer of MedHelp

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Shuchir Jain 🇺🇸

Chief Technology Officer

  • Broadcom Top 300

  • Recipient of the PJAS Directors Award

  • 2nd at PA Media and Design

  • CTO of Youth Research Initiative

  • Co-Founder, Co-CEO, & CTO of IndusteelTech

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Yousra Oualiyouddine 🇲🇦

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Researching the effects of depression on the hippocampus

  • IMO Regionals Qualifier

  • Founder/CEO of Codey

  • Founder/CEO of Itclub

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Yoni Peles 🇮🇱

Chief Financial Officer

  • Graduate member of the Idea program for research in the Tel-Aviv University

  • Effective Altruism Member

  • Non-Trivial Fellow

  • Founder of a charity for malaria nets

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Emmett Choi 🇰🇷🇺🇸

Chief Information Officer

  • Researcher at Fort Hays State University

  • Genius Olympiad Robotics Department Gold award

  • 2023 AIME Qualifier

  • VEX Robotics team founder

  • KOI Honor Roll

Country Directors

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Cindy Wang

Director of the United States 🇺🇸

  • Researcher at University of Central Missouri

  • 3-times AIME Qualifier

  • Nontrivial Fellow

  • Machine Learning researcher across multiple projects

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Ilya Sinkin

Director of Russia 🇷🇺

  • Researcher in Moscow State University

  • Research on autistic people's social behavior by modeling it on rats

  • Working at hospital in Moscow

  • Developed teaching materials on epilepsy

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Joanna Calimag

Director of the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • EmpowerSTEM Researcher

  • Conducted a research paper in natural sciences (biology) and social development

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) researcher

  • Part of different organizations focusing in STEM

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Anwita Agarwal

Director of India 🇮🇳

  • Researched the Transformative Impact of Early Exposure to Education in Male Dominated Fields

  • Recipient of the National Achievers Award "Best Social Worker"

  • Founder & President of Revolution Her

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Eyosiyas Esuendale

Director of Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  • Scholarship student at International Community School of Addis Ababa

  • Researching the most effective mechanisms to prevent, detect, and respond to artificial pandemics

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Joshua Obayomi

Director of Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • Researching clean cooking solutions and the various components that lead to effective implementation

  • Developed several programs with coding in multiple languages

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Bleddyn Mottershead

Director of United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  • Researched methods to improve efficiency of Titanium Dioxide dye-sensitized solar cells

  • First Prize in International Instructables Student Competition

  • Non-Trivial Fellow

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Yoni Peles

Director of Israel 🇮🇱

  • Graduate member of the Idea program for research in the Tel-Aviv University

  • Effective Altruism Member

  • Non-Trivial Fellow

  • Founder of a charity for malaria nets

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Isha Goyal

Director of Canada 🇨🇦

  • CWSF '22 Finalist & Silver Medallion

  • Research presented at Synbio 5.0 Symposium

  • Researching healthcare response and innovation across multiple projects

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Sara Smajić

Director of Bosnia 🇧🇦

  • Bronze medalist at European Girls Mathematical Olympiad

  • Gold medalist at Iranian Combinatorial Olympiad 2022

  • Bronze medalist at European Mathematical Cup 2021

  • Silver medalist at Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

Category Leaders

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Ritvik Rustagi 🇮🇳 🇺🇸

Head of Mathematics Department

  • Top 10 AMC scorer in the USA (145.5)

  • Researching with CNN Networks to scan lungs for lung cancer

  • 2-times USA(J)MO Qualifier

  • CEO of TMAS Academy

  • USAPHO Qualifier

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Anora Dennis 🇨🇦

Head of Computer Science Department

  • $10,000 National Scholarship holder

  • STEM Camp Volunteer at the Capital University of Canada

  • 75 Barrhaven Royal Canadian Air Cadets

  • Programming Instructor

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Siyon Singh 🇮🇳

Head of Physics Department

  • Quantum Computing Researcher in Quantum Cryptography under Prof. Eric Sakk

  • Silver Medalist at National Robotics Championship, Vigyantram by IIT Bombay

  • Young Member and Fellow at The New York Academy of Sciences

  • Scholar and Ambassador at HUFPI- Harvard University

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